Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

Start by signing up on our homepage. From the Sign-in button, select new account and fill in the form with your contact details on your personal dashboard. Once your account is setup you can begin watching all member course videos and tutorials.

How do I add another website to my plan?

Want to add another site? Our entry Bronze hosting plan starts with one site. Up to 10-additional WordPress installs are available depending on your bandwidth and storage needs. Contact customer support to review and upgrade your WP Hive Hosting account as your business grows.

Where do I raise a support ticket?

Once your account is setup you can login view member courses and submit support tickets from your account dashboard. 24/7 email chat support is available on all hosting plans. Support is limited to hosting and email support. If you require other website customizations or improvements contact us for a quote.

Does WP Hive build custom websites?

Yes! WP Hive is made up of a staff of industry experts providing WordPress training and support, right through to fully customized websites designed and built.

Does support cover website customizations?

Support is limited to hosting and email support, but we’re happy to help you with all of your website needs including theme customizations, improvements, and updates.

One of the unique features that help’s us keep your hosted sites secure, is that we manage and update all of your websites themes and plugins for you.

If you ever need to add a new plugin, simply contact us and we’ll add it for you at no additional charge. If you need theme, plugin, and other website customizations contact us for a quote.

There are so many hosting providers why choose WPHive Manged WordPress hosting?

Most commercial hosting companies simply provide a place for you to park your website at low annual costs. Managing your website is not included, and so the upkeep for your website, WordPress theme, and plugins, is up to you. WordPress websites need continuous monthly care and updates. If you update your websites content frequently, you’ll need to backup daily, and all of this takes time. Your time.

WPHive Manged WordPress hosting lets you can get back to work and focus on your business, while we take care of the rest.

Does WP Hive offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes! Check out our onsite SEO plans starting at $138 for the Homepage, plus $69 per page. Onsite SEO is all about marking up good quality keyword content and removing barriers from search engines. Improve your website’s organic page ranking through onsite SEO.

How much bandwidth do I need for an eCommerce website?

All WP Hive Managed Hosting plans can handle eCommerce websites of any size and traffic thanks to the plans Unlimited Bandwidth.