Our Difference

We’re a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WP Hive is a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider, which means we only host and support WordPress websites. We keep fully up to date with the evolvement of WordPress, latest security threats, and upcoming trends. Many hosting providers lack the specific knowledge needed in order to maintain WordPress sites effectively, keeping them running smoothly and malware free.

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, we go the extra mile to manage and maintain your WordPress website, from front to back. Websites need care or they break. Websites on inexpensive, unsecured servers can break your website, too, by not keeping up with current versions of WordPress.

Did you know, according to a new security report, “one out of three of the top million websites are either vulnerable to hacking or already hacked.” Keeping your website up to date is one of the most important security measures you can take to lower your risk.

We offer a unique monthly hosting and maintenance plan that is specially designed for WordPress website owners. We are a managed WordPress hosting provider that takes the stress out of owning a website and keeping it continuously up to date.

Besides secure hosting, our basic monthly hosting plan includes an exclusive library of WordPress tutorials and 24/7 support helpdesk.

WP Hive WordPress Managed Hosting takes care of it all and lets you get back to work.