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Managed WordPress hosting and why it’s important

WordPress is free but managing your website takes skill.

Managed WordPress hosting is important and here’s why.

You might think that once you install WordPress, choose a theme and plugins, and add in your content, you’re done. But that’s only the beginning.

WordPress needs TLC, all of the time, in the form of backups, upgrades and security patches against Malware and brute force hacker attacks. If you install WordPress then you need to make an ongoing commitment to keep your website up to date and secure.

If you have taken the time and trained yourself to manage your WordPress website, and know how to restore it in the case of a crash, keeping it up to date is not that difficult. But, if you are not committed then it’s important to have someone on your team that can handle any issues that may come up, or hire a professional to care for your website.

Many website owners make the mistake of thinking their hosting provider will be there for them when something goes wrong. This is simply wrong thinking. $9 per month hosting plans offer very little other than a place to host your WordPress site in a shared environment. And unless you are making your own backups, you cannot rely on hosting providers to keep a current version of your website, or help you when it goes down.

A recent security and vulnerability report from Menlo Security states that “one out of three of the top million websites are either vulnerable to hacking or already hacked.”

When a website crashes due to Malware, it can sometimes cost more than you paid for your website in the first place to fix it. Leaving Malware on your website is not an option either. If your website gets hacked it can get blacklisted by Google, and re-building your company’s reputation and Google ranking after a hack can be costly.

For only $69 per month, WP Hive offers complete managed hosting plans. It’s like putting your websites upkeep on auto pilot. Our team of WordPress professionals are here to keep an eye on your website, with continuous uptime monitoring (so issues can be addressed lightening fast). We provide daily backups, security audits, strengthen usernames and passwords and offer Malware scanning and protection, with 24/7 support email help-desk with support tickets.

To find out more, contact one of our friendly hosting and support representatives.


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